Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Who We Are

In 2010, we set out to follow a dream. A dream of selling and sharing handmade crafts and items, that reflected our own personal spiritual traditions and our everyday hobbies and interests. That dream was transformed into Dancer's Grove, a collaborative effort between three Pagan artisans with three very different spiritual views and aesthetics.
Dancer's Grove is much more than the average Metaphysical store. Besides offering a variety of unique wares and services, we work hard to create custom pieces for our clients. Bringing their personal ideas to life and fulfilling their spiritual needs.
Meet the Artists
Julie Alexander ( a.k.a. Jewels)
Jewels is a pagan, an artist, a dancer, and an intuitive. Growing up in a metaphysical, creative, and liberal home gave her the roots to branch into a myriad of artistic pursuits and explore diverse philosophies and spiritual practices. Earthy and bohemian by nature, she enjoys creating artwork centered around her spiritual interests, bellydance, and nature both in subject and in materials. She has been a tarot reader and intuitive for over 15 years reading in shops, metaphysical fairs and private gatherings. Her spiritual and pagan interests are eclectic with an emphasis in Celtic traditions, the ancient Minoans, drum and dance as spiritual practice, spirit animals, creating sacred space, uses of crystals and stones, and the sacred feminine.

Papa Oloyade
Papa Oloyade, affectionately called "Papa O", is a spiritual counselor and psychic medium, who employs a wide variety of divinitory techniques to assists his clients. Papa Oloyade grew up in a half Polish Roman Catholic family and half White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and belonged to a respected lineage of funeral directors and teachers. Growing up around funerals and cemeteries, he realized early on that funeral homes were loud with the voices of the dead, but cemeteries were quite peaceful. Papa Oloyade picked up his first tarot deck at the Cloisters in NYC and has not put them down since. Today, he advises doctors, lawyers, chefs, and actresses. Papa Oloyade began studying Neo-Pagan spirituality in 1992, becoming an intiate of the Graxian Tradition in 1993, under the tutelage of Joy Landa. After moving south to attend college, he studied Slave Culture specializing in Yoruban Diaspora; which he followed through to his Masters Degree. Papa O became a follower of the Yoruban Pantheon, and was crowned with Oya and with the heart of Elegba. Over the years that followed he worked to introduce the Yoruban Diaspora to the Western and Southern Kentucky Regions. In 2001, 'Papa O' lost all Kidney Function and had to go on Hemodialysis, though he has never lost his deep spiritual need to help others. He has created and been involed in many community programs such as soup kitchens and free arts programs. In 2008, he met Mama Vanetta who taught him about African American Spiritualism and Culture, which has helped him develop his Yoruban Practice. Papa O also does daily augury, based on the Ancient Roman and Greek techniques. He has learned to become open to the 'Talking Worlds', and shares what he hears via social media. Through Religious Evolution, Papa O has found himself in the American Orisha Tradition; a tradition that encompasses a life long spiritual practice.

Kurt Shoopman  
A shamanic teacher and practitioner of 7 years, Kurt actively works to share practical wisdom with students to help them create strong spiritual foundations that promote healing, balance and develop personal power. He has taught workshops and facilitated public teaching circles in the local community, and spends most of his time exploring the rich traditions of Mesoamerican Religion. When he's not teaching or writing, Kurt enjoys creating unique ritual tools, power objects, and spiritual artwork for clients using a variety of mediums and techniques.

So, what can you expect to see on our blog? Just like us, our blog will be packed full of interesting articles and tutorials inspired by spiritual and cultural practices from every corner of the World. It's sure to be an interesting adventure, so come along for the ride!

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