Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sacred Space on the Go

(Crystal Cord Charm for the Car)
     When I hear people talk about bringing their spirituality into daily practice I always get the image in my head of walking past dimly lit cubicles in long flowing gowns holding a smoking censor. Candles lit around a computer and a desk creatively decorated with stones and statues. Then my mind pops back into the present with a laugh at how impossible and impractical that is in reality. I think the subject of bringing your practices into daily life is difficult for many people as it is something they might keep quiet in certain spaces or are just so busy it gets lost in the daily hustle. This is why I find that creating sacred spaces wherever I spend alot of  time is important to me.

    Sacred space doesn't have to be limited to your altar or meditation pillow or even just your home. I think it is important to naturally and easily bring your spiritual path into daily life to create sacred spaces at all the places you spend lots of time in and especially those that you tend to get more stressed or frustrated in. For this particular blog entry, I am going to focus on creating sacred space in your car.

    I am in my car for hours a day for one of my jobs. Traffic, crazy drivers, bad weather, and construction can contribute to pulling me out of my center and make it hard to feel like a spiritual being. To try to keep myself from screaming in a state of road rage, there a few things I do to help keep me connected with the earth while speeding down man made roads. The easiest is sprinkling a little dried lavender in the floor boards of the car, crushing it in and letting it sit a little while before vacuuming. If that is too messy for you, putting some in a muslin bag and hanging it will work just as well. Lavender is wonderfully relaxing and helps clear the mind when stressed.

    For every car I have owned I have made a crystal charm cord (like the one pictured above) to protect and create a sacred space for all who travel with me. To do this, I like to start with a few certain stones:

Moonstone- protection in travel, luck, increase intuition, feminine.
Tiger eye- protection in travel, grounding, courage, optimism, confidence, masculine.
Quartz- focus, mental clarity, creativity.
Citrine- joy, positive energy, transmuting negativity.
Amethyst- cleansing, spieitual attunement, increase intuition.
Rose Quartz- love, compassion, opens ones eyes to seeing the beauty all around them.
Hematite- disapated stress, grounding, peace, and increase energy levels.

    In place of one above or in addition to them you can add other stones that you especially like or work well with. I wire wrap each stone but you can also purchase the stones wire wrapped or in pendant/bead form. Then taking a cord, tie each stone with enough space in between that the crystals so they don't bang against each other too much while you're driving. After all of the crystals have been added, tie the ends of the cord in order to be able to hang on your rearview mirror. I personally like to cleanse each of the ceystala with a little salt water and then bless the cord and stones empower the whole piece for my vehicle. Then just hang your cord around your rearview mirror and enjoy the beauty and postive energy while you drive!

Written By: Julie Alexander

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