Wednesday, June 12, 2013


People in America are too stressed and focus too hard on everything they do from the mundane to the magical. We often forget that we live in a magical universe giving us symbols and prophecies everywhere we turn. 

One of the ways I begin a spiritual counseling is by lying back in a magical cauldron of water, better known as a bath tub. Yes my friends the bath can be a powerful tool, you create an environment of relaxation to open your upper chakras.

I start out with my essentials I get the water to a warm temperature, light a few candles for ambiance and light. 

Open my Vosges chocolates (the magical energy in chocolate is both a grounding and energizing energy; it relaxes and allows the dreaming process to begin.) 

I also put five drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of Bergamot (Lavender and Bergamot oils are also good relaxing oils that helps open the third eye). Also add some of your favorite Bubble Bath this is essential for Bubbleomancy. And then as my Grandma use to say, “Zachęcamy do relaksu i zaczyna się sen” or for you non-Poles “Relax and dream.” Pamper yourself and pamper your third eye, and become one with your state of nirvana.

When the peace has come, and the dreaming begins, you will realize that the water is alive and is speaking to you. Those Tiny bubbles have created a mystical library of symbols for divination. When the bubbles die down from that oh so relaxing meditative bath, I begin to ask questions about the person I am counseling. Recently one of my clients was concerned about a legal matter. A tree appeared in the bubbles and a small bird which was flying away from a cloud. This meant do not hide yourself in unknown territory, go to safety where you can gain leverage and perspective on the matter.

I refer to this form of divination as Bubbleomancy, it is a personal interactive form of the Victorian tea leaf reading, except you become one with the divination and you get chocolate. Half the reason people can not divine is because they are too stressed to see the collage the universe displays. Relax, and become part of the world while you are living in it.Ase Papa O

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