Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fae Friday: Black Shuck

The Black Hound, also commonly called in fae vernacular as a Grim or hell-hound, is a creature of the Unseelie Court known as a Black Shuck, the phantasmal hound that is a precursor to death, some even say a bringer of death itself.  An Norfolk saying describes it best “A dreadful thing from the cliff did spring, And its wild bark thrill’d around, His eyes had the glow of the fires below, Twas the form of the Spectre Hound”  There are two different ideas of where the etymology of the word “Shuck” originates; one is from the Anglo-Saxon word succa meaning demon, the other word is Norse in origin, shukr referring to the large dogs of war of Odin and Thor.  The lore of this fae began in Britain, especially the region of Norfolk, but as we travel the world so do the fae.  Black Shucks have been seen most places that the British Empire has visited.

The Black Shuck likes to follow straight old roads that meet at crossroads.  The Black Shuck forms out of darkness and its eyes glow with hell fire.  Never gaze directly upon the eyes of a Black Shuck or you will die within 12 months of seeing the creature.  

The Black Shuck is not warded off by religious iconography demonstrated by the account of a chapel in  Blythburgh, where it pushed open the doors leaving scorch marks, killed two people praying, burned the floor and made the steeple collapse.  

The Black Shuck is also the guardian and henchman of the Crossroads Spirits.   Once a deal is made with the Crossroad Spirits and sealed in a blood oath, the hell-hound will now have you scent.  Once the bargained time is up the Black Shuck will smell your blood and claim your body and soul as part of the contract.

When calling forth the Black Shuck it should be done by a well experienced practitioner of magick.  Novice practitioners should not attempt to call forth the Black Shuck due to its overwhelming energy.

Calling forth a Black Shuck would best be done at a crossroad, crossroads representing the space between the worlds.  A circle should be cast using driftwood from the coast of a large body of water.  Fill the circumference of the circle with a mixture of red brick dust and sulfur.  Make a huge crossroad symbol in the center with black powder.  Place in the center of the circle a piece of paper with either the blood or hair of the person you are sending the Black Shuck after.   Light the black powder and using a reflective surface, like a mirror, look back at the Black Shuck.  Tell the Black Shuck that you have a contract that needs completion of this person.  The phantasmal hound will disappear and complete the contract

For repelling the Black Shuck should also be done by an advance practitioner of magick.  Tricking the Black Shuck is like tricking a Reaper and can have outcomes that are unseen by mortal eyes.  One way is to take a picture of the person and place a cross of blood over it, cover it in Bull’s Leather, tie it with a purple cord with nine knots and tie a coffin nail to it. then bury it in a freshly dug grave.  Another way is to take a picture of yourself, nine drops of blood, a clipping of your hair and a glass bottle.  Put the Protective Seal of Solomon on the back of the picture and put nine drops of blood on it, put the lock of you hair in the center and then scroll it up and place it in the bottle.  Completely seal the bottle in sealing wax, so nothing can get in or out.  Throw the Bottle into constantly moving body of water such as a river or an ocean.

Finally the way to avoid the Black Shuck is to make an offering to him on Oct 31 and May 22, these are the days that the veil is at its thinnest.  Take a big Ham Bone or Beef Bone and place it at the crossroads.   Walk backwards at the crossroads and place the bone, so not to look at the hound.

Be careful when working magic with the Black Shuck, the best cure for this fae is to avoid it.  Death comes for all, let us enjoy life while we have it, and leave the Black Shuck to the crossroads.

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